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Constantin Luger Solo is pure Singer-Songwriter music. His Austropop style, entertaining but sometimes also disturbing or provocative, consists of Viennese slang and powerful dialect lyrics, always containing a social component.

„Constantin Luger & die Kaisermelange“ present their songs in Austrian dialect, dealing with different topics like politics, society and culture in a both critical and ironic way. The band delivers powerful live shows with sixties-sound, somewhere between Blues, Punk, Rock and Singer-Songwriter.


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Constantin Luger - Fortgehlied (live @ WNTV Unplugged)




Constantin Luger is an Austrian musician and moderator.

The singer and multi-instrumentalist is known in Europe and the United States primarily as a pop musician, but also as an Opera singer, the MC of various music and cultural festivals, Classical Lied performer, author and musicologist.

Constantin Luger, singer-songwriter and presenter,
is a constant part of events in Europe and the United States.
He delights with his wit, authenticity and brilliant mind.
An artist that was set free by creating music.

(Hard Rock Cafe, official website)



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Constantin Luger is a singer-songwriter, moderator, vocal coach and a really cozy and honest soul. [...] His voice is absolutely awesome, and obviously it needed a lot of time and training to get it to this level.

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Music Magazine

Constantin Luger is a musician, MC and tattoo-lover. Naming his musical creations wide-spread would be far too simple. One could more easily think about calling them schizophrenic.


Music Magazine

We met a great singer and entertainer, and his work is both encouraging and impressing. [...] Beside his unbelievable voice it is his inspiring energy that makes us sure we will hear a lot more about Constantin Luger soon. We're pretty excited.

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